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Selasa, 20 Desember 2011

the most pressing issues faced by our country

Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources and human resources. Unfortunately, natural resource wealth is not accompanied by an abundance of qualified human resources. Lack of qualified human resources is due to lack of education obtained by the people of Indonesia. Not only affects the deterioration of the nation, even a minimal education have contributed to increasing poverty in Indonesia. Though education helped improve the lives of human beings in so free from poverty. In many ways, poverty is often associated with education, education is considered as one solution to poverty alleviation.
There are several things that cause. First is the concern of government. Advancement of education can be realized if the government make education a main agenda in improving the governance structure. The second is to stop the privatization of educational institutions. Indonesia as a developing country which causing debt increase. So what happens is the privatization of government institutions, including educational institutions. Then the government must be courageous in defending what is right fully the state. Third, people must more care about education. Multidimensional crisis conditions make people have hope of improving the condition of education, then the public should be made aware of the urgency of education.
In alleviating the problem of poverty and ignorance, there are some things we can do as a student who is an agent of change. The first is the fight for the rights of Indonesian citizens to obtain education. Can be through writing an article about the struggle to achieve the right education, can also create a community of education for underprivileged children. The second is to give awareness to the general public about the importance of education, so that no parents who sent their children to work rather than school

19 November 2011
Amalia Larasati Oetomo

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